Scizza pizzasakset

Scizza pizzasakset

Scizza on pariskunta sakset, jotka leikkaavat täydellisesti minkä tahansa pizzan millä tahansa pinnalla ja tarjoilevat sen.



Scizza is the best thing since sliced bread itself. It’s a pizza cutter that perfectly slices any pizza, on any surface and can also be used to serve. Scizza has a clever spatula base that slides under your pizza so the blades don’t scratch your non-stick pans or dull on pizza stones (ahem, like a pizza wheel). Scizza’s slicing action means your toppings stay in place, and with a gentle squeeze you can use it to serve your pizza too. Scizza makes easy work of thick crusts, deep dish pizza or flat breads. You can take the blades apart to sharpen them and it’s even dishwasher safe!


Materiaali Roostevaba teras, nailon, ABS
Konepestävä astianpesukoneessa Kyllä
Paino (g) 200
Pituus (mm) 320
Leveys (mm) 72

Toppings stay in place

Scizza’s clever curved blades slice from above to keep your toppings in place and your hands away from your hot food.

Slides under

Scizza’s unique spatula shoe slides under your pizza, protects your non-stick pans and is heat resistant to 205°C / 400°F.


Slice your pizza then pinch and serve it too. Have you ever seen a pizza wheel do that?
We haven’t either.

German steel

Hardened German stainless steel blades provide a sharp, long lasting, and dishwasher safe cutting edge.