Bisfree Modular food container 1 L

Bisfree Modular food container 1 L

100% airtight BPA-free container, made of durable tritan. The container has a handy for side locking system and a silicon packing on the lid and body that ensure the airtightness. The container can be used in the microwave with an open lid, put in the freezer and washed in the dishwasher. 



  • Recommended to wash before first use 
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher 
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners 
  • Silicone seal can be removed for cleaning if necessary 
  • Can be used in the freezer 
  • Can be used in the microwave (with an open lid) 
  • Before using in the microwave unlock all four latches and loosen the lid. Avoid overheating oil, fat and pigmented food (for example tomato soup) that can cause permanent stains and damage the inside
  • Do not put an empty container in the microwave 
  • Storing pigmented and fermented food, like kimchi or curry, for a longer time period may stain the container and make it smell similar to the stored food 

Papildus informācija

EAN/Svītrkods 8803733176804
Aizvēršana Neljast küljest lukustuv kaas
Forma Ruudukujuline
Materiāls Tritaan
Izmantojams mikroviļņu krāsnī
Var mazgāt trauku mazgājamā mašīnā
Izmantojams saldētavā
Ietilpība 1000
Svars 228
Garums 160
Platums 160
Augstums 77

Smart and space saving design

Block-type container design that stacks the containers in a stable way and helps to organize them more easily 

BPA free and airtight

LocknLock's four-side locking lid and silicone packing ensure absolute airtightness to the container 

Award winning design

Awards from world-famous design awards like Germany’s IF Design Award, German Design Award and US IDEA Design Award

Modern and simple table setting

The minimalistic, yet modern design of the container makes it perfect for table setting